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Spiritual Guidance Session

Connect with your spiritual team like never before. During these sessions, Katie will use her unique abilities to channel messages directly from your spirit guides and loved ones to you.


Radiance Session

Magick Healing session. During these sessions Katie will use her own unique brand of energy healing to balance your chakras, remove any energetic blocks and begin to stir and awaken your own sleeping magick.


Rune Casting Reading

Using this ancient technique Katie will receive guidance from the ancient norse gods on how to navigate your current situation.


Custom Sigils

I will create a custom sigil for you and send it to your email within 2 working days.


Work 1:1 with Katie

Dive deep into the void and learn how to become limitless and powerful and finally take control of your mind.

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Custom Witchy Art Commissions

Want a custom picture of you and your familiar? Submit your idea for a quote!

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